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Marshall Duggan

A Christmas Carol (Nov - Dec 2022)

Assistant Stage Manager

  • Assisted in setting up and resetting the rehearsal space every day.

  • Ran sound cues while in studio rehearsals.

  • Generated Deck Sheets and assisted with other paperwork.

  • Preset scenery and furniture backstage for actors to take onstage.

Director - Jenna Tamisiea Elser

Prod. Stage Manager - Abigail Mowbray

Set Design - Wally Eastland
Lighting Design - Rob Eastman-Mullins

Props Artisan - Arabella Mason

Sound Design - Stewart Smith

Costume Designer - Domonique Stubbs

9 to 5 (Sept - Oct 2022)

Assistant Stage Manager

  • Helped set up and strike the rehearsal space every day.

  • Managed traffic backstage to ensure safety and efficiency.

  • Ensured all props and scenic pieces were preset before each run.

Director - Wm. Perry Morgan

Stage Manager - Danielle Aikens

Set Design - John Saari
Lighting Design - Sean Saari

Props Design - Arabella Mason

Sound Design - Jordan Ingersoll

Costume Designer - Domonique Stubbs

Stop Kiss (Aug - Sept 2022)

Assistant Stage Manager

  • Created and distributed Deck Preset to run crew and ensured completion.

  • Generated Deck Sheets, Entrance and Exit Charts, and Props Tracking documents.

  • Stayed on-book for rehearsals in-studio to take line notes and for actors to call for line.

Director - Jo Hall

Stage Manager - Abi Mowbray

Set Design - John Saari
Lighting Design - Sean Saari

Sound Design - Danielle Aikens

Costume Designer - Mahealani Jones

Titanic (Jun 2022)

Assistant Stage Manager

  • Helped coordinate and ensury the safety of large scenic transtitions with limited crew.

  • Maganged properties organization backstage.

  • Generated run sheets, preset checklist, prop list, and other relevant paperwork for the production.

Director - Holly Mason

Prod. Stage Manager - Abigail Dills

Scenic Design - Eli Dills
Lighting Design - Sidney Bing

Projections Design - Eli Dills

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