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About Marshall

Marshall Duggan (he/him) is a Stage Manager with 4 years of experience in high school theatre. In this brief time, he has worked with casts ranging in size from 51 to 10 members. He has worked as a stagehand, Assistant Stage Manager, Production Stage Manager, has helped construct scenery, and ran a follow spot.

​​His family moved to North Carolina five years ago where he first found out about stage management and grew to love it. Marshall truly admires the selflessness of the job. He also enjoys doing what he can for other people and contributing to something larger than himself. 

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2022 - Present

Greensboro College

Marshall attends university at Greensboro College where he continues to refine his skills in stage management and also learns new theatrical skills. Greensboro College maintains a robust theatre department that teaches all technical aspects of the production process. Marshall will use these resources to become a well-rounded theatrical professional.

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2017 - 2022

Gaston Day School

Marshall attended high school at Gaston Day where he first worked in the art of Theatre. The physical theatre at Gaston Day is remarkable and this is the reason why he became so intrigued by the technical side of the art. Over time Marshall also found that he enjoyed, and had a knack for, Stage Management. 

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  • Marshall loves music and he will almost always be listening to something. When working on a musical, he'll always have the show playing. 

  • Marshall also loves to consume educational/informative content. He'll frequently watch educational videos and read informative news. If he comes across something interesting, (e.g. theatrical rigging) he will learn as much as he can about it. 

  • He also finds physical activity important to his well-being and will set aside some time for it during the week.

  • Lastly, Marshall is interested in computers and other consumer electronics.

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